Sonodyne Company

Dear Student,

                        There is a placement offer for selected students to whom the SMS has been sent as below:

Company: Sonodyne Technologies Pvt Ltd.

Date: 21st November, 2018 (Wednesday)

Contact Person: Mr. KK Sanyal – 9830870177 / 9831480649

Company Website:

Students are requested to clarify with company whether it is apprenticeship or regular employment.

Students should contact Mr. KK Sanyal – 9830870177 / 9831480649 to get the information about how to go the company.

All the Students who are engaged in other company may join this company or continue the same company.

If any student is not interested in this company should reply to the institute or class teacher.

Selected students:

Sl No. Trade Name Contact
1 EM(2016-18) Pritam Das 9091289414
2 EM(2016-18) Sudipta Patra 7550887577
3 EM(2016-18) Subhamoy Bera 9635654897
4 EM(2016-18) Animesh Barik 8420170246
5 EM(2016-18) Suraj Dey 9831884157
6 DMM(2016-18) SAGNIK KOLEY 8768893368
7 DMM(2016-18) SAMRAT GHOSH 8479035808
8 DMM(2016-18) SUVANKAR GHOSH 9064132873
9 DMM(2016-18) SUVANKAR KHANRA 7686021235


Ramakrishna Mission Shilpavidyalaya

Belur Math, Howrah – 711 202